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New Guided Meditation Event – September 15th

Join us on Thursday September 15th at 7pm, I'll be holding a special guided meditation of 5 element qi gong (energy practice). We'll be focusing our energy on the 5 Yin organs (Heart, Lung, Liver, Spleen, and Kidney) and how to clear them of obstructions for better function. If you have a condition that affects…
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Now Accepting Online Payments

Now Accepting Online Payments! The Atlantic Center is now accepting online payments for all services! Feeling insecure about online payments? The Atlantic Center can now put your mind at ease one more way by offering a brand new online payment service called Paydunk. The free app can be downloaded to your smart phone or tablet in…
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Major Updates to AAT – Allergy Treatment System

I am very excited to announce major upgrades and changes to the AAT – Allergy Treatment we provide here at The Atlantic Center. First, they’ve added many more items to test.  They have basically expanded the types of things we can test and treat.  As you may know, we can treat all kinds of airborne…
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