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A Cure for the Current Cold Snap!

Warm your bones and get pampered! As you very well know, the temperature has been brutal, we are finally above freezing for the first time in weeks! Well, we have a cure for that! After shoveling yourself out and trying to keep warm every night since, you deserve a warming break... For the very time…
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New Guided Meditation Event – September 15th

Join us on Thursday September 15th at 7pm, I'll be holding a special guided meditation of 5 element qi gong (energy practice). We'll be focusing our energy on the 5 Yin organs (Heart, Lung, Liver, Spleen, and Kidney) and how to clear them of obstructions for better function. If you have a condition that affects…
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Herbal Preparations for Pain

I am in the process of creating a number of herbal preparations for various aches and pains, specifically arthritis, acute injuries, fractures, slip and fall situations, etc. The picture you see is just some of the herbs I’ll be using to creating four distinct formulas to treat these conditions. These formulae are known as Dit…
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