Smoking and Other Addictions


Our smoking cessation program begins with a careful in-depth analysis of your smoking habit and a personalized treatment plan for getting you to your ‘quit date’ – the date YOU choose to quit smoking. Once you begin you will experience immediate results and a diminished sense of craving for tobacco. Over and 8 week period you will gradually reduce the amount of tobacco you allow in your lungs. This is a time-tested treatment plan that requires you to make a commitment to yourself to let go of your choice to smoke. If you are still smoking at the end of the program, we will continue until you are smoke-free! As a commitment to us, we require that you pay for the program in advance. We have found that people who are committed get the best results.

COST: The cost for the Tobacufree Program is $800 for 8 scheduled weekly treatments. As stated above, if you are still smoking at the end of the eight weeks, we’ll continue treating you for this condition until you are smoke free! Be prepared to spend at least ONE HOUR per treatment during this program. The first two sessions will be closer to 1 1/2 hours long as we have a lot of information to cover and a lot of discussion about you and your goals for becoming smoke free.


Some people find it difficult to slowly end their smoking habit, for these people we offer an alternative program where you quit smoking on the first day of treatment. This program comprises 6 treatments given over a two week (14 day) period. We schedule the treatments as far apart as possible and with your work and lifestyle in mind. Again, pre-payment is required for this program as those people who commit get the best results.

COST: The cost for this program is $600 for 6 acupuncture sessions, payment is due at the beginning of the program.

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