Allergy Treatment Pricing reduced!


The holidays are coming and people will be eating some of their favorite foods, but some of those foods are not so good for you!  Many times people are allergic or sensitive to their favorite foods. Chocolate, baked goods, sweets, wine, beer, coffee, the list goes on and on. Our special allergy treatment system (Advanced Allergy Therapeutics) helps people eat the things they want without the side effects of itchy eyes, a runny nose, scratchy throat, or digestive upset. Also, we can treat for sensitivities to animals, so if you are planning to expand the family with a small furry one, we can help!  And the best part of all is there is minimal avoidance of the substance and we don't use any acupuncture needles (for the needle phobic!). Call the office today and start living happier and healthier with out suffering from allergies or sensitives!

Check out these reduced prices!

Initial Exam: $100 (20% off!)

Treatments: $50 (40% off!)

Offer valid until December 31, 2015!

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