Major Updates to AAT – Allergy Treatment System

I am very excited to announce major upgrades and changes to the AAT – Allergy Treatment we provide here at The Atlantic Center.Allergy Flowers

First, they’ve added many more items to test.  They have basically expanded the types of things we can test and treat.  As you may know, we can treat all kinds of airborne items (pollens, dust, mold, etc.), foods, contactants, animals, medications, etc.  Well, they’ve just added more of those items!

Also, and this is a much bigger deal, they’ve changed some of the programming to better handle checking items against the channels in the body.  So, overall a more effective treatment with higher rates of success!

Finally, I have purchase a new computer with a better graphical display.  This will help us treat you more effectively and also let you see exactly what we are working on, if that is something important to you.  So, if you are suffering from any allergy or sensitivity, give us a call and we’ll talk about how we can help you ‘breath easy, allergy free’!!

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