Study in Thailand

I am getting very excited about my upcoming trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand for further studies in Qi Gong and Acupuncture with Thai Masters! This is the second visit to Asian that I will be spending time with Qi Gong Master trainers Francesco Garripoli and Daisy Lee.

Last year I went to China with them and learned a lot and had a great time. They are not only great Qi Gong teachers, they are fantastic traveling guides! This year we’ll be traveling to the northern area of Thailand. Little has changed there for thousands of years. We’ll will spend two weeks immersed in the mostly Buddhist but slightly Taoist culture. While there, we’ll study the local forms of many healing modalities every day. We are particularly excited to study with Grand Master Mantak Chia, a renowned Qi Gong Grant Master who teach us how to cultivate our inner energy and also help us to teach you! There are many more exciting facets of this trip, but I’ll let them unfold in the coming weeks… I’ll be heading to Thailand on September 17th so look for updates starting then. There will be many things to share and photos, too.

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