What Can I Expect?

Most people feel some relief during the first session but it always depends on many factors including the persons health and their ability to heal as well as the severity of the condition and anything the person is doing to help the situation. The longer the problem has been there, the longer it will take to eliminate the pain though we can certainly reduce it. We will also prescribe an herbal combination that will help every day to reduce the discomfort and improvement the function of the tissue.  We want you healthy and active sooner!

Tips for Reducing Arthritis Pain:

Avoid inflammatory foods – Sugar, dairy, alcohol, carbonated drinks and processed grains all contribute to inflammation in the body. Avoiding these will also help you to counter the effects of arthritis; and you might feel better in other aspects of your life.

Improve Circulation – Simply bending and stretching will increase circulation which brings needed nourishment to the tissue and carries away wastes that accumulate from lack of activity. Heat will also help circulation if you are unable to stretch, walk, or exercise. Also, massaging and/or tapping the affected area will improve circulation.

Eliminate the pain, call The Atlantic Center now to schedule an appointment.

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