New Guided Meditation Event – September 15th

Join us on Thursday September 15th at 7pm, I'll be holding a special guided meditation of 5 element qi gong (energy practice).
We'll be focusing our energy on the 5 Yin organs (Heart, Lung, Liver, Spleen, and Kidney) and how to clear them of obstructions for better function. If you have a condition that affects any of these organs this is a great opportunity for you to learn a simple technique to help improve the condition.

This will be a sitting practice (in chairs) but feel free to bring a cushion if you would like to sit on the floor. Wear comfortable clothing and bring your intentions for healing, for yourself or others, requests for assistance and we'll all benefit from the group energy.

Afterwards, we'll have a short Q&A where people may ask questions on this ancient practice.

We ask for a $10 donation, all proceeds go the Acupuncture Relief Project to support the people of Nepal.
September 15th at 7 pm
The Atlantic Center for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
902 Main St. Suite 104 Belmar NJ

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