ROAR – The Back Story

Since I started this journey so many people have asked me why I am doing this. As so many people know, drugs and addiction have been an issue for a very long time. Even before high school I was aware of people getting hooked on drugs; sadly some of my high school friends didn't even make it to graduation. Others stole from their own homes to pay for drugs on the street. And now the drugs are available everywhere, mostly in the doctor's offices. Today legal opiate drug use is four times as likely to be the result of an overdose than heroin (see graphic).

Today in my practice I see people young and old with addictions to opiates and other drugs both legal and illegal. So the writing has been on the wall for almost 2 decades: We need to do more than what we are doing and now we can! Follow my blog as I travel across the country raising awareness about the opiate epidemic and what we can do to help!

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